Thursday, 21 June 2012

= 2012 Bigbang. Seoul Concert Goodies = (Official)

[Bigbang 2012 Seoul Concert] Take out bag 

Price: RM51

[Bigbang 2012 Seoul Concert] Rooting towel 

Price: RM93

[Bigbang 2012 Seoul Concert] Tatoo Sticker (2pcs) 

Price: RM64

[Bigbang 2012 Seoul Concert] Image Picket


[Bigbang 2012 Seoul Concert] Fan Light 

Price: RM74

[Bigbang 2012 Seoul Concert] T-shirt (S,M,L)

Price: Rm180

[Bigbang 2012 Seoul Concert] Official Vandana 

Price: RM74

[Bigbang 2012 Seoul Concert] Official Fan Light 

Price: RM100

Order Format
Email Subject: Bigbang Seoul Official[Your Name]
Handphone No.:
Order item:
Total Amount : $
Email to 

*LOCAL Postage are included for the above items! 

Saturday, 9 June 2012

(OPEN) Official K-story Shirt -Heechul

K-story official T-shirt
RM108 per shirt  (price excluding local postage)
RM115per shirt (price including local postage)

Meet up for collection : Time square

Kyochon Chicken T-shirts
  RM72 per shirt (price excluding local postage) 
RM79 per shirt (price excluding local postage)
*please state which member you want

bank transfer:
 Maybank : 114384143313
*please approach me if need public bank account no.
*pls send me bank slip or screencap for ibanking

Order Format

Handphone No.:
Address : *if meet up for collection
Order item:
Total Amount : $ 
Collection method: postage/ meetup
Email to

Dateline: 21st of June 

*only 1 batch 

Thursday, 7 June 2012

INSTOCK (Super Junior, Jang Keun Suk, assorted kpop)

1. Kyuhyun Mr. Simple Ver A - RM53

2. Ryeowook Mr. Simple Ver A - RM36[Opened but not played]

3. Skip Beat OST (Splendor Ver) - RM53 [Opened but not played]

4. Skip Beat Photobook - RM53 [Opened]

5. SS4 Eunhyuk/Ryeowook L-Holder (Please note that this excludes the group L-Holder) - RM29

6. SS3 Heechul L-Holder - RM29

7. Bonamana Japan CD Ver (Comes with Sungmin/Eunhyuk/Leeteuk photo card) - RM41 [Opened but not played, 3 available]

8. Cosmopolitan April 2011 (Siwon Photoshoot) - RM17[Opened]

9. W Korea July 2011 (SMTOWN Paris Photoshoot) - RM46 [Opened]

1. Clear file + Badge + Sticky Memo set RM42 [Brand New]

2. Clear file set (3 different sets available, each come in a set of 2. Designs cannot be mixed and matched) - RM34/set [Brand New]

3. Mary Stayed Out All Night OST Part 2 - RM17 [Opened but not played]

4. Let Me Cry (Regular Edition) without photo card - RM42 [Opened but not played, 3 available]

5. Team H Lounge H Vol 1 (Chinese Ver) - RM30 [Opened but not played]

6. Pink/Green Photo Diary (1 available each) - RM54[Opened]

7. Ole Candy Set - Rm42

8. Mens Nonnon Sept 2011 / AnAn No. 1751 / Asta TV May 2010 / Junior Aug 2010 / Socool Aug 2011 - RM30 [Opened]

9. W Korea July 2011 (Cartier Photoshoot) - RM46 [Opened]


1. CNBLUE First Step Limited Edition - RM138

2. DBSK Keep Your Head Down First Press Limited Edition - RM77

3. IAM Notebook (SNSD+SHINee+BoA) - RM24

4. Holika Holika CNBLUE Photobook - RM30 [Brand New, 2 available]

5. BIGBANG Love&Hope;Japan Tour Wristlet - RM30

6. You're Beautiful OST (Part 1 & 2) - RM42

7. IU CD - RM18

8. 4MINUTE HuH - RM30 [Brand New, 2 available]

9. B2ST Shock (Japan Ltd Ed Ver, comes with T-Shirt) - RM130

10. B2ST Lights Go On Again - RM42

11. 2AM Saint O Clock Limited Edition - RM78

12. TEEN TOP Roman - RM42 [Brand New, 2 available]

13. HITT Here Is The Top - RM30 [Brand New, 2 available]

14. Invincible Youth 2011 Calendar + DVD - RM42 [Brand New, 2 available]

15. ELLE June 2011 / ASTA TV Feb 2009 (SNSD, DBSK, Boys Over Flowers) - RM30 [Opened]

*All the items excluding local postage.

Order Format

Email Subject: Instock [Your Name]
Handphone No.:

Shipping address:
Order item:

 Send to

INSTOCK for official goods (Shinee, Fx, Super Junior, SNSD)

Super Junior SM Town Tokyo Files

Members Available: Kyuhyun, Shindong, Leeteuk, Eunhyuk, Ryeowook, Siwon, Yesung

Price: RM36 per file, *special offer buy 3 RM90*

Girls’ Generation Japan Arena Tour Memorial Photobook

Price: RM245.00

Girls’ Generation Japan Arena Tour Pamphlet

Price: RM377.00

SNSD Girls’ Generation Tour Artist Set

Members Avaliable:
, Yuri, Yoona 1 each

Price: RM137.00

SNSD Girls’ Generation Tour Brochure Set

Price: RM125.00

SNSD 1st Asia Tour Into The New World Bromide Set

Price: RM125.00

SNSD 1st Asia Tour Into The New World Handphone Charm Set

Price: RM243.00 (full set of nine)
Individual Members avaliable: Taeyeon, Sunny, Tiffany, Hyoyeon, Sooyoung, Seohyun

SNSD SPAO Mousepad

Price: RM63.00

Super Junior 1st Japan Single Bijin

CD Version with DongHae photocard

Price: RM137.00

SHINee One More Kiss Dear KEYs Photobook

Price: RM221.00

SHINee Maypole Mouse Pad

Price: RM53.00

SNSD Japanese Gee Single First Press Deluxe Edition

Price: RM53.00
*opened and without photocard

SNSD Star Card Collection Card Stand

Price: RM24.00

f(x) Hot Summer Album with Poster

Price: RM58.00

SS3 Official Goods

SS3 Concert Bromide
Members Available :
Eunhyuk, Shindong,

, Yesung

Price: RM41.00 per Bromide
SS3 Offical L-shaped Folder
Members Avaliable :
, Shindong

Price: RM48.00 per folder

EVERYSING Gee Sticker (Taeyeon, Jessica, Tiffany, Yuri, Sooyoung)

Price: RM34.00

All About Girls’ Generation Paradise In Phuket DVD Preview

Price: Rm113.00

Thsutleo Photobook

Price: RM365.00

Girls’ Generation 1st Asia Tour: Into The New World Tour Goods

Handphone Charms
Price: RM31.00
Members avaliable: Taeyeon, Sunny, Tiffany, Hyoyeon, Sooyoung, Seohyun

*All the items excluding local postage.

Order Format

Email Subject: Instock [Your Name]
Handphone No.:

Shipping address:
Order item:

 Send to

(open) Ryeowookbar birthday fans good

All the revenue for the sale of fans good will be contributing for all the projects for Ryeowook such as food support, birthday project....

Ryeowook birthday goods-Notebook
RM43 per set

Specifications:  Cover 22.5*18*2CM 
inside 21*14.8CM


PS :易拆式透明孔夹,赠送40页活页纸

Ryeowook birthday goods - Pillow

Ryeowook birthday goods - Iphone Case

Ryeowook birthday goods - Cardholder
RM34 per set

Ryeowook birthday goods - Calendar

Ryeowook birthday goods - Supporting Fan

  Do you feel HOT?! You can use this to keep your body warm and also raise this when see RYEOWOOK to show your support to him


Set order:
1. Pillow + Notebook =RM110
2. Pillow + Iphone case =RM108
3. Pillow + Cardholder =RM100
4. Pillow + Calendar =RM84
5. Pillow + Fan =RM88
6. Whole set =RM228


Ryeowookbar Fans good

Material: Soft (scarf material), reflective embroidery threads, double-sided
RM 48 

Portable Mirror :

It is a small, portable and light-weighted Ryeowook Chibi Version Mirror for you to carry around in either your hangbag or your wallet.
It's durable and non-brittle.
A pouch and a box would be also included. 

Portable Mirror :
Material : Stainless Steel
*it comes with leather cover, boxes
Price: RM40


Ryeowook Bookmar! Dont you want him to with you everywhere? You can even use it when you are studying too!
A set consists of 8 different kind of bookmarks, featuring Ryeowook in 8 different images. The images are collected exclusively by Ryeowookbar from SS3 till now.

Material: coated paper
Size: 5 * 14cm
Price: RM30 (8 pieces per set)

*45 sets left

价格:RM30/  8/

Ryeowookbar had choosen KTR Ryeowook DJ Chibi Version for the mousepad image as to celebrate his becoming of a DJ ~ 
Congratulations to our Ryeowook for becoming a DJ~ Ryeowook DJ Hwaiting! ~

Mouse pad
Material: mouse pad material
Specifications: 22 * 18cm
Price: RM38

*9 left


A4 Size
price: RM105
*only 20 books only
*It comes with  stickers, postcards, phone cloth(use to wipe phone), name cards

价格: RM105

Gift for all the goodies: STICKERS, Name cards and banner (See below)

Set orders: 1. Photobook + 1set of bookmark = RM 132
        2. Photobook + Mirror = RM140
               3. Towel + 1set of bookmark = RM75
4. Towel + Mirror = RM85
   5. Photobook + Fan = RM132
6. Towel + Fan = RM75

Orders deadline:  24th of July 2012

*All the items including shipping fees

Payment method: Bank transfer/ Meet up 
**For collection wise, all these items will not be sent to your house. Meet-up session will be announced after the items arrived. 

Format of Order List

# Name :
# Contact No. :
# Products Ordered :
# Total Amount :
# Collection method: Bank transfer/ Meet-up

email to

*Try to buy it within this batch as we are hardly open another batch for bringing in the goodies,please grab this golden opportunity. 

*We will be giving out  and name cards  (as above) for purchase of any items for ryeowookbar goodies.
(first come first serve)

*All fans good included postage 

If choose meetup for collection, you will get this banner for each item u order