Saturday, 9 June 2012

(OPEN) Official K-story Shirt -Heechul

K-story official T-shirt
RM108 per shirt  (price excluding local postage)
RM115per shirt (price including local postage)

Meet up for collection : Time square

Kyochon Chicken T-shirts
  RM72 per shirt (price excluding local postage) 
RM79 per shirt (price excluding local postage)
*please state which member you want

bank transfer:
 Maybank : 114384143313
*please approach me if need public bank account no.
*pls send me bank slip or screencap for ibanking

Order Format

Handphone No.:
Address : *if meet up for collection
Order item:
Total Amount : $ 
Collection method: postage/ meetup
Email to

Dateline: 21st of June 

*only 1 batch 

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